Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Get Direct Power from the Sun through Commercial Solar Panel Systems & Save Bills Smartly

With the advent of newer, more efficient solar panel technology, the dream of running your commercial property of business using solar energy has become a reality for many people. Turning to a natural resource for your energy requirements has become such a big industry in Australia that one of the greatest resources the country usually sells to tourism is making savings up and down the country.

Whilst many people first see the savings that solar panel installation can reward you with, they often overlook the fact that it is an investment, and depending on the size and scale of your business’ energy needs, a long term one at that.

Offset your energy costs with the latest generation of solar panels

Solar panel installation is done to offset your energy costs, and to deliver you with clean energy from the sun in place of your regular electricity supply. In some cases the switch may mean a 100% switch to solar panel for very small businesses that only need to light a few rooms and power a few outlets, but for the vast majority of businesses it means your investment in solar power will support your current electricity supply.

Commercial solar panels are an investment, and depending on how many panels and how much power you need it may be a large investment. But don’t let that put you off. Although it is hard to determine exactly how much money you could save on your power bill when you switch over to solar power, but many commercial businesses have reported anywhere from 45% to 90% savings on their energy bills on a monthly basis.

This means that after your initial investment, you will start to see savings right away, meaning that the money you are saving will eventually pay for the installation costs, in the long term. Savings of even the lowest estimate of 45% are pretty stunning, so making sure your investment is on the right scale will set your business up for the future.

Your advanced solar panel system

Commercial solar power systems are made up of a few important devices that function together to give you power. The most important aspects are:

- The photovoltaic panels themselves
- Electricity storage unit / Industrial batteries
- Supply switch
- Consumer unit

The panels use a number of chemicals to turn sunlight into an energy through the photovoltaic sheets, which is then fed down to the storage medium which are generally a series of large batteries designed to store the solar energy ready to be used.

Your usual electricity supply is fed into a switch which allows you to switch from the street supply or your energy supply provided from the batteries which stored the solar power. Advanced systems allow you to switch automatically to solar power when your electricity generation is running at max, until the batteries are depleted and then the switch back to your electricity supplier is made.

Generate vast amounts of energy!

With this system, you can set it and forget about it for a long time and let the system do the work of saving you money for you. Once installed, many meters will tell you how much energy exactly that you are using, and how much you are saving based on your needs and requirements. This is a great way to stay on top of your energy finances, and to show you just how much money you are saving daily, monthly or yearly.

With advanced industrial solar panels being available on the market to even small commercial and residential homes, you can get the most efficient energy generating panels fitted directly to your premises to start saving you money from the get-go. Solar panel systems call for an initial investment at first, but in no time at all the system will pay for itself and start saving you a small fortune on your electricity bills for years to come!

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